IRS Appeals

The good news with most IRS tax issues you may be facing is that you are afforded the right to appeal an IRS ruling that directly impacts you. You do this by contacting the Office of Appeals, an independent organization that helps resolve tax disputes between the IRS and taxpayers such as yourself. The Office of Appeals has a duty to ensure there is a mutually agreed upon solution between all parties involved.


Types of IRS Appeals

Pairett CPA, PLLC handles all types of appeals, but below are two of the most common types our clients deal with:


Request for a Collection Due Process – This is also known as a due process hearing. Once a client is issued a final notice of intent to levy by the IRS, we can file an appeal.

Rejected Offer in Compromise – This is considered your final opportunity to negotiate the submitted Offer in Compromise. A blank Form 12203 typically arrives in the mail along with the rejected offer.


Why Choose Us?

 Final notices from the IRS require immediate attention, and if not handled properly, your financial future could be altered forever. Furthermore, as much as you may think you can handle conversations with the IRS on your own, attempting to do so is never advisable. We know tax law inside and out at Pairett CPA, PLLC, and we are here to handle the entire process on your behalf. This includes speaking to the IRS, conducting your hearing, and handling any necessary negotiations.


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