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Accountant CPA Services for Individuals and Businesses

A Certified Public Accountant, or CPA, is a professional who has completed a comprehensive exam showing their knowledge of taxes, audits, financial reporting, financial ethics, and more. These individuals, then did a year or two of work with a CPA before qualifying for their official license. Going to someone who is a CPA means you’re working with trained experts who understand finances. That’s what Pairett CPA’s team is made up of licensed CPA and professionals who have proven their knowledge and have demonstrated the drive to help both individuals and business owners with their financial needs.

What can a CPA do that others such as bookkeepers cannot? Your CPA can offer you a number of specialized services that go beyond basic accounting.

Tax Preparation

A CPA can assist you with filing everything from a fairly straightforward tax return to a complicated return that includes various forms of income and deductions. Some tax returns are done off of a single W-2 with minimal deductions, but others may require more work. If you’re uncertain as to what forms you need to complete and what deductions you can take, bring your questions to the experts at Pairett CPA. We’ll be able to assist you with filing your return and help you quickly get your refund.

Even if you believe your tax return is fairly basic, we still want to talk to you. Many people fail to take all of their deductions, which means they end up paying more or getting less of a refund than they’re really due. That’s the equivalent of giving away some of your money every year to the IRS. Rather than do that, let a CPA take a look at your return. You may be surprised at the deductions you’ve overlooked.

Getting a Loan

If you need a loan to purchase a home, vehicle, do renovations, pay for health needs, start a business, or any other reason, you may start at a bank or other lender. However, it’s worth the time it takes to talk to a CPA first to determine your cash needs. A CPA is a financial expert, and they know how to determine an individual’s or a business’s needs based on their years of expertise and knowledge of accounting. Working with a CPA can help you understand your finances better, which in turn means you’re better prepared to deal with a lender.

Those who have had difficulties obtaining a loan may want to talk to a CPA about rebuilding their credit and making their financial situation stronger before applying again. Often, it’s just a matter of shifting a few line items in your budget around so that you’re making better use of your income.

Dealing with an Audit with the Help of Pairett CPA

While many people will never be selected for an audit, those who the IRS does decide to audit may find themselves in a panic. If you receive notification that the IRS is going to audit your finances, there’s no need to be concerned. These audits are generally very easy to handle if you have the experts of Pairett CPA on your side. Simply call (940) 498-7422 to speak to one of our experienced CPAs about handling your audit. In most cases, the IRS simply wants to review your finances for the past several years to make sure your returns were accurate. If you’ve been working with a CPA all that time, the process will be even less stressful.

Starting a Business

Are you considering starting your own business? If so, before you take the plunge you will want to talk to a CPA. Starting a business involves a number of different things:
• Filing your articles of incorporation
• Creating a business plan
• Filing for a federal EIN if needed
• Filing for the correct state tax ID number(s)
• Putting together your initial budget
• Determining your overall financial needs
• Securing initial capital

These are just a few of the things you’ll need to do to begin your new business. A CPA can be a valuable part of your team, helping you determine your financial needs and assisting in creating your budget. Starting a business without one is like trying to read a map in the dark. You may eventually determine the right path, but if you have a CPA there to hold a flashlight, you can quickly see the right way to go.


Filing Business Taxes

After starting your new business, you will want to continue your partnership with Pairett CPA. In addition to providing bookkeeping services, we will also assist you with completing and filing your business taxes. These taxes differ depending on what state you’re in, what state(s) you do business in, and what type of business you’ve registered as. Depending on your income and the scope of your business, they can range from fairly easy to file to taking days of work.

Working with a CPA is the best way to make certain that all of your returns are as accurate as possible and that you’ve maximized your deductions. Businesses are more likely to go through an audit, too, especially those that report unexpected amounts of income or loss. Having a CPA who knows your financial history can be incredibly helpful if that occurs.


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